The Ideal Woman

Time to make Herstory

Sat 10 Aug 2019 to Wed 14 Aug 2019

The Ideal Woman

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Produced and presented by Cognatus Theatre
Hosted by The Cockpit

Devised by : The Company

Performers : Vinna Law, Vanessa Borrini, Susanna Hyvärinen

“Because this is a story of our mothers
Our Grandmothers
Our Sisters
And hopefully not our daughters.”

The Ideal Woman
lies in between
the traditions of the past
and the expectations of the future.
The feminine
and the masculine
the comfort within our borders
and the adventure beyond.

She fights against time
trying to make sense of
where she stands
how she moves
why she stays or leaves
and what makes her
the woman that she wants to be.

The Ideal Woman
is a story of our mothers,
our grandmothers,
our sisters,
and hopefully not our daughters.

It’s time for Herstory to be told
so Herstory could be made.


“As social rebels, we want to colonize the world with the female voice, advocating for work produced and created by women not just for women, but for all.”

We are a company of international female performing artists who wants to explore universal themes through our different cultures, language and from a woman’s perspective.

We aim to engage communities not just through sensitive and inquisitive work that is a reflection of the community, but also to connect people through forms of education.

Saturday 10th to Wednesday 14th August - 9pm


Full price: £15 Concessions: £12