The Manna Threshold (Interactive Broadcast)

Two beings with different immortalities debate

12 Sep to 10 Oct

£1, plus voluntary donation post event

Produced by Catherine Kontz/Roswitha Gerlitz

Recording available for 28 days after broadcast. To access the full recording of the live interactive broadcast for £1, click the tickets/date button.

Music: Catherine Kontz
Concept/Dialogue/Production: Roswitha Gerlitz
Concept/Law Text: Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
Research Collaborator: Yolande Snaith

The Manna Threshold plays with the notion of time: eternity, infinitude, and, most essentially, its absence. Set in 2270, the post anthropocentric era, where time is abolished and immortality for all humanity is enforced by law. Solar and lunar settings and seasonal variations are eroded. Movement and time are fully spatialised. Life is governed by a technosphere which provides for the maintenance of body and mind. Two beings in different stages of immortality negotiate their respective conditions. They converse in minimalist dialogue and clipped statements, discussing the nature of existence as they modify their physical condition.

Additional content for the broadcast:

The company will give a live introduction to the interactive broadcast of their opera, and take questions from the audience in a chat after the performance.

All ages (mostly adults)

Live Broadcast: Saturday 12th September - 7:15pm
Duration: 1 hour