The MKC Experience

A musical rollercoaster of emotions & styles!

Sun 25 Mar 2018

The MKC Experience


Produced and presented by the Mike King Collective

Hosted by The Cockpit

The MKC Experience

Twenty-five outstanding singers from the Mike King Collective (MKC) bring the ultimate choir experience to The Cockpit and explore their musical influences; from Bach to Beyoncé, nothing is off limits! 
Behind it all is a genuine emotional connection to the music, the audience and each other that will touch your heart and uplift your soul.

After receiving official sell-out status at Edinburgh Fringe 2017 and backing international stars such as Mark Ronson and Florence + the Machine, MKC step into the spotlight once again to debut their new show in London.

This is the ultimate choir experience with one of the UK’s most versatile and captivating vocal groups. A fully immersive musical adventure spanning multi-genres and eras, featuring an insane Michael Jackson vs. Prince vocal mash-up and taking you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and styles using rich harmony to paint pictures in sound.  Known for their passion, blend and soulful delivery, MKC will leave you uplifted and inspired. 

The group's impressively versatile repertoire is arranged by musical director and founder, Mike King, of Boy George “Starman" tribute (Channel 4’s ‘Stand Up for Cancer 2016’) and The Voice (BBC).

Far outreaching the usual choir offerings this is something else, something different: the MKC experience!


"Talented, passionate and versatile.... MKC sing from the heart."

Angelique Kidjo, Grammy Award Winner



"The Mike King Collective are an unmitigated delight. A blast of immaculate timing, rhythm and vocal performances, the true impact of their enchanting presentation is almost impossible to put into words."

The Upcoming

Sunday 25th March 2018 - 6:00pm

All tickets: £15