Theatre In The Pound

A Scratch Night

Mon 20 Apr 2020 to Mon 21 Dec 2020

Theatre In The Pound

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Part of Theatre Maker


An award winning scratch night at The Cockpit. 

Due to the current crisis, all of our Theatre Maker activity is curently suspended.

But things are changing. And our plan is to change with them.

Our plan is to bring you live, accessible, interactive content that you can enjoy and engage with.

Want to take part in Theatre In The Pound online? 

pound [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Theatre%20In%20The%20Pound%20Online) (Email) us if you want to get involved! 


Make sure you sign up to the Theatre Maker mailing list to be kept up to date. 



Excitingly, in June we are collaborating with to bring you a Theatre in the Pound SciFi Special, to kick off TALOS IV - a week of SciFi theatre. We’re interested in all kinds of science fiction performance, including but not limited to: Cyborg Theatre, Robot Theatre, AI Theatre, Weird / New Weird Theatre, Afrofuturist Theatre, Queer Science Fiction, Utopian and/or Dystopian theatre, Post-Apocalyptic, Post-Modern, Post-Dramatic, Science fiction dance performance, Solarpunk, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Biopunk, Hopepunk, and Mythpunk.

If you want to be considered, please mark your application TALOS. 


Upcoming 2020 live dates - (subject to change due to the Covid:19 pandemic)


11th May 2020 (waiting list open)
15th June 2020 - SCIFI SPECIAL
20th July 2020
21st September 2020
19th October 2020
16th November 2020
21st December 2020

Further info for participants - Application form

Got something to perform? You apply and give us a small deposit. We give you a 45 minute tech with stage manager and technician and then 15 minutes (or less if you like) show time in our wonderful auditorium in the evening. Plus a few minutes of feedback from our supportive and generous audience.

We love to make the shows as varied as possible so however 'out there' or unusual you think your work might be we'd love to meet you!

And now we've made Theatre In The Pound part of our Theatre Maker programme you become eligible for cheaper studio hires and Theatre Maker classes as well as further possible opportunities to present your work. 

Applications for the whole season are open! We love seeing work at all stages, including script readings. And we are open to whatever you're up to, however experimental. So what are you waiting for - get those applications in!


If you are an artist interested in applying for a slot, please click here for more information, or here to apply

For more information contact Theresa, the Theatre In The Pound Co-ordinator at pound [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Theatre%20In%20The%20Pound)

There is no need to reserve tickets, just turn up on the night.  All tickets £1. 

Show begins at 7pm



Have a longer piece that you'd like to try out? Maybe New Stuff is the right place for you! Our monthly rehearsed readings of new work written by you and supported by us.
All tickets: £1