Theatre In The Pound

Our Monthly Scratch Night - NOW ONLINE

Mon 21 Sep 2020 to Mon 21 Dec 2020

Theatre In The Pound

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A  not-for-profit night, designed for individuals or groups of theatre makers to showcase new work at The Cockpit. - NOW ONLINE! 

Each piece is followed by a short feedback discussion with our lovely audience, to help companies develop their work.

We have space for future nights, and are looking for individuals and small groups who would like to try out their work online.

To apply or to chat and find out more, pound [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Pound%20-%20Website%20Enquiry) (Email Theresa), or sign up to one of the courses from our Autumn 2020 term. 3 of them have slots included! 

Next Up: 

Monday 21 September, 7pm  

Rock, Paper, Scissors by Eva Young
 Is there anything Rock, Paper, Scissors can't decide?
Dylan and Lucy are best friends who have a bit of a secret crush on each other. They have also just killed someone. Everything they do next needs to be decided in the fairest way possible. Rock, Paper, Scissors.  
 Written and performed by Eva Young and one other unconfirmed performer.
Warnings: Some strong language.

The Spiral Path by Andrew Sharpe
taken from a longer work, Nightingales, a suite of five self-contained plays with multiple narratives.

Edward is devastated when his wife Kirsty is killed whilst cycling, and obsessively replays voice-mails and video recordings. Then she starts answering back. 

Edward: Nicholas Clarke  .  Kirsty: Ciara Pouncett  .  Georgina: Claire Jared  .  Directed by : Evy Barry

Minutes from the Revolution by Freya Jackson
Ecclesiastica and Debbie attempt to plan the assassination of Boris Johnson.
But the meeting keeps getting derailed by petty squabbles, unreliable group members and equipment issues.

Plus work from our Physical Theatre techniques course.

Tickets £1 

Coming Up:

Monday 19 October. 7pm
Featuring work from our Devising Online course. 

MOnday 16th November, 7pm
A VOILA Europe Special!! 

Monday 21 December, 7pm
Featuring work from our Making Theatre From Scratch course.

Expect more snippets of new work from theatre makers!







Further info for participants - Application form

Got something to perform? You apply and give us a small deposit. We give you a 45 minute tech with stage manager and technician and then 15 minutes (or less if you like) show time in our wonderful auditorium in the evening. Plus a few minutes of feedback from our supportive and generous audience.

We love to make the shows as varied as possible so however 'out there' or unusual you think your work might be we'd love to meet you!

And Theatre In The Pound part of our Theatre Maker programme, so you become eligible for cheaper studio hires as well as further possible opportunities to present your work. 

Applications for the whole season are open! We love seeing work at all stages, including script readings. And we are open to whatever you're up to, however experimental. So what are you waiting for - get those applications in!

If you are an artist interested in applying for a slot, please click here for more information, or here to apply

For more information contact Theresa, the Theatre In The Pound Co-ordinator at pound [at] thecockpit [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Theatre%20In%20The%20Pound)

  All tickets £1. 

Show begins at 7pm


Have a longer piece that you'd like to try out? Maybe New Stuff is the right place for you! Our monthly rehearsed readings of new work written by you and supported by us.
All tickets: £1