In Search Of A Place To Call Home

18 Nov to 19 Nov

£15 Tickets
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Produced & Presented by Hunhu Productions
Hungary / UK / Zimbabwe

TRANSIT follows the stories of displaced voices in search of a place to call home. From Hungary to Harare heat to the bustle of London city streets.
Join our sensorial journey through memories and myth created by live music, poetry and movement.

On Stage Thursday 18 & Friday 19 November at 6:45pm

Performed in English with Shona & Hungarian

FB: @TatendaNaomiMatsvai
Twitter: Tatenda @MyNamesTatenda | Rebeka @RebekaDio | Joe @JoewillBrowning
Instagram: @transit.2021
Tatenda @tatendax | Rebeka @rebekadio | Joe @joebrowniing

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