Wouldn't it fun to work in a balloon factory?

Sat 16 Nov 2019



Produced and presented by Plat pays Company and Odile Pinson
Triple Buse describes in a funny and humorous way the everyday tasks of three balloon factory workers. In their cardboard world, these people keep carrying out the same useless tasks, which make it difficult for them to communicate and express their feelings. This play is an entertaining and straightforward critical analysis that might remind you of “Modern Times”...

From the youngest to the oldest, it invites each member of the audience to question their notions of the obligation to work and make money.
How can you preserve human relationships despite the crushing weight of enforced productivity ?
How can you catch and hold onto the little bubbles of happiness that escape each of us ?

A show without words – Made in Belgium - Physical theatre – Family 5+

“The Plat pays company and Odile Pinson use humour and colours to shine a light on the grey monotony of the workplace, using their circus magic and boundless inventiveness to keep you laughing all the way ...”
★★★★ L’Avenir, Belgium

“2018 Favorite Of Youth Award Pointes-aux-Trembles”
★★★★★ Montreal Culture Access Network, Canada

The Plat pays company and Odile pinson collaborate for the first time to write and create a poetic and humorous show. The two companies create works mixing gestural theater, theater objects, they create a visual language, metaphorical and poetic singular. The creations focus on talking about humans, the world, our social behaviors by taking subjects out of their ordinary surroundings with humor, in order to make them accessible to the greatest number and to the youngest.

Saturday 16th November - 1:30pm
£10 advance, £12 on the door