We Sing/I Sang (Live Performance)

A collective consciousness schisms and cracks.

Tue 15 Sep 2020

We Sing/I Sang (Live Performance)


Produced by Virtually Opera

There will also be an interactive broadcast of this show at 19:40-20:40, Thursday 17th September 2020; We Sing/I Sang (Interactive Broadcast). A recording of that broadcast will be available for 28 days and tickets for the broadcast are sold seperately.

Music & Words: Improvised by the company

“We sing an old song,
Our memories united
Of our world that die-

The Mind journeys across the stars, a harmonious collective consciousness of peoples from a now-lost world. It sings to itself, far more than any individual could be – but, while reflecting on the past, its individual fragments emerge and try to remember what they once were. Drawn into memories of the crisis, the Mind begins to schism and crack.

An improvised opera and ritual, drawing on the audience’s experiences and stories to create a new collective Mind each night. Its world will be built and lost over the course of the evening.

The company previously performed The Perfect Opera at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival in 2019.

All ages

Tuesday 15th September 9:00pm
Duration: 45 minutes

Tickets:  Full price: £15.00 / Financially Challenged: £5.00

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Full Price: £15, Financially Challenged: £5