What Does Stuff Do?

16 Nov to 18 Nov

A show to make you look at your hands differently
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Produced and presented by Robin Boon Dale

Hosted by The Cockpit

What does stuff do? 
In his charmingly rhetorical debut show, Robin Dale utilises innovative juggling, physical comedy, and almost-philosophy to guide you through his mind and body of research.

What Does Stuff Do? is a lecture style performance in which Robin strives to understand the ever-unfolding relationships between people and stuff, and to help fill in the space between art and science.

Featuring an assortment of unexpected props and a motivational speech delivered by a man in swimming trunks. Please, bracket for the next 30 minutes any scepticism about the value of the totally obvious.

Thursday 16th and Saturday 18th November - 8:30pm

£10 online, £12 on the door