A twisted fairy tale set in a post MeToo world.

31 Jul

Full price: £10 Concessions: £7
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Produced and presented by Tapioka Arts Collective

Hosted by The Cockpit

'You can't be too careful, not round here. And like I say, we really shouldn't be doing this.'

Professor Hunt invites Alice to his house for an evening of creative and academic guidance. 
As the drinks go down, Hunt reveals that he was expecting slightly more than dinner and wine.
But Alice has a secret - one that threatens to destroy Hunt's life and career forever. 

A dark tale of power, storytelling and retribution, 'Wolf' is a twisted fairy tale that BITES BACK.

A new play by Liam Lemkin Anderson.
Directed by Liam Lemkin Anderson and Roya Eslami.
Starring Mark Shaer and Martha Schofield.

Tuesday 31st July - 9pm