Zeus on the Loose

Fusing musical theatre, circus & burlesque

Thu 23 Aug 2018

Zeus on the Loose

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Produced and presented by Pandora's Door 

Hosted by The Cockpit


Script by Emma Rollason
Lyrics and Music by Elizabeth Harry

A rollercoaster fusion of musical theatre, ​twisted circus, burlesque and special effects, brought to you by an incredibly talented cast.

Warning: For grown-ups only and strictly not for the fainthearted!
In Ancient Greece, two beautiful, joyous, happy sisters, Aphrodite and Ilithyia, both had the ability to overturn the most powerful of gods. 

This talent was unknown to these two innocents but Hera, goddess of marriage and seductress of the great god Zeus, was aware of it – and it made her insanely jealous. She set out to drive a stake between them, destroying the sisters’ lifelong bond.

To do that she enlisted Hades, the dark god of the underworld. After some haggling, Hades agreed to help her by commanding an earth-shattering earthquake.  That’s when it all started to unravel. 
Zeus on the Loose is an epic tale of love, deceit, double-crossing and infidelity, with a twist that will leave you saying “oh my gods”.

This is the first of Pandora’s Door’s creations.  The cast have been hand-picked by the producer. Actors from Cbeebies, the West End production of Hairspray and international circus performers make up this impressive and talented cast to bring Ancient Olympia and its double-crossing gods to your door.
But the show isn’t limited to a terrific cast Pandora’s Door has ensured fabulous lights and special effects to take you all the way to a fantasy world.  

Director: Emma Rollason
Musical Director: Elizabeth Harry
Choreographers: Allie Ho Chee and Phyl Cashman
Producer: Emma Rollason
Projections: Phyl Cashman

Cast: Allie Ho Chee, Darron Gifty, Dusty Limits, Emma Walsh, Francesca Andrews, Orissa Kelly, Penni Tovey, Phyl Cashman and Suzie Smith.

Thursday 23rd August 2018 - 9pm

Full price: £ 15 Concessions: £12