Social Media for artists: creating your online persona

Course description
We all know marketing yourself is an essential skill for any artist to learn, yet most of us absolutely hate it. Julian wants to convince you that social media isn’t entirely awful. He’ll take you back to basics and help you learn how best to share your work and engage an audience. (And hey, you never know, you might even start to enjoy doing it!)

Who could benefit from this course?
Actors who don’t know what the hell to post between their yearly headshots; directors who hate having their photo taken and ANY artist who feels entirely allergic to social media.

How does it work?
Julian will guide you through a few simple interactive activities via Zoom and answer your questions along the way. There will be no pictures of avocado toast.

What do you gain?
By the end of this workshop, you may not have a million followers, but you will feel better equipped and empowered to create and share content online.

Date & Time
Saturday 19th September 2020; 11am-1pm.

Cost: £10

Julian Laverty
Julian is an actor, producer and presenter who owns far too many ugly shirts. After years of pulling pints in various London pubs, he decided to retrain in social media/marketing and level-up his day job. He is constantly undertaking new courses and attending conferences with some of the top social media influencers/marketers in the world in order to keep his skills sharp. Over the past three years, he has worked with creative businesses both large and small: from individual artists to companies such as Unidays and the National Theatre. During this time, the content he’s worked on has amassed millions of views and engagements.

As an artist himself, he knows exactly the types of struggles facing creatives when it comes to marketing themselves: time constraints, not having the right equipment and of course, the constant looming pressure of sky high London rents.

Julian is passionate about helping artists effectively share their work (if only so his instagram feed is less clogged up with endless pictures of latte art).