Visual Poetry

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Who could benefit from this course?
Theatre makers keen to facilitate spaces and/or create shows involving people who might find verbal communication difficult (children, non-native English speakers, people who suffer from PTSD etc.)
Theatre makers wanting to enrich the aesthetic and poetic side of their work.

How does it work?
This workshop will take you on a poetic journey exploring non-verbal theatre: tableaux-image theatre, clowning and metaphorical world, object poetry, unconventional languages including music and silence.  We will explore various games and tools to help stimulate imagination, create poetic universe and generate devising material.

What do you gain?
You will gain tools to break the language barrier & create spaces accessible to a larger audience. You will go away with games to help escape reality, find new ways to unlock emotions, create beauty and improve wellbeing. By restricting verbal language, you will go out of your comfort zone and find whatever lays there to stirr your creativity. You will look at theatre with new lenses that will enable you to glaze your work with a poetic icing.

Dates, Times & Cost
Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 April
1:00 - 5:00pm
Studio 1 (upstairs) at The Cockpit

£85 early bird (book by 15th of April at 12pm)
£95 regular price


Teacher/Creator Biog
Sophie Besse is the Artistic Director of PSYCHEdelight Theatre Company of Sanctuary. She is trained in both drama and therapy and developed an expertise in physical theatre, ensemble work and clowning. (Among other trainings: Gaulier Lecoq, LISPA, John Wright, Lucy Hopkins, Complicite, Told By an Idiot & Ben Keaton.) Sophie specialises in participatory theatre, directing and devising. She creates shows with mixed casts involving marginalised communities who wish to raise awareness about their life journeys. Sophie uses theatre as a platform to help people express themselves and be heard She is a diversity advocate and expert at holding spaces with different ages, languages, and abilities in the room. She worked with young offenders and women in prison for 7 years and is the founder of PSYCHEdelight's Together Workshops welcoming local people and refugee communities. Most recent credits as a theatre director: “Borderline, the satire of the Calais Jungle,” “Welcome To The UK,” “Mohand & Peter,” and “Hang Out To Dry”.

“Thank you for taking me out of my head, back into my body and creative soul” Jenny Pohle. Applied Theatre practitioner
“Thank you Sophie for your support, playfulness, and generosity for allowing all of us to explore and express our deepest creative selves.” Tony Cealy (Applied Theatre director and facilitator)
"Feeling very grateful for a week like this full of images and poetry." Daisy (Theatre director working with autistic communities)

“Beautiful in both its poetic and physical language, Mohand & Peter is a triumph”.  There Ought to Be Clowns review of "Mohand & Peter" (most recent production)